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We Encourage you to get back in The saddle

We understand the physical, emotional, and financial challenges you may face after getting hit while riding. In fact, we know firsthand what it’s like to have that joy and passion taken away from you (even temporarily) after being hit by a negligent driver. 

Our mission is to guide you through your personal injury case with care, ensuring you are supported and encouraged to get back to riding your bike and pursuing your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re dealing with catastrophic injuries or seeking justice for less severe damages, our team understands the importance of riding your bike and will encourage you to get back in the saddle as soon as you’re physically and emotionally ready even when your loved-ones may be telling you to give up the sport you love.  We ride and we understand.  

Expert Representation for a Range of Injuries

Bicycle accidents can cause a variety of serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, separated shoulders, broken clavicles, dental fractures, broken wrists, and broken legs. Our expertise lies in handling cases involving severe poly-trauma injuries, but we also represent cyclists with less severe injuries. We believe that every injury deserves attention, no matter the extent.  

We work closely with you to ensure that your injuries are correctly diagnosed, treated and documented. We work with your treating medical providers whenever possible to obtain medical opinions regarding your future medical needs and any future pain or disability you are likely to experience if your injuries do not completely heal. 

We retain experts to objectively measure any permanent disabilities and obtain written reports that summarize the economic and non-economic impact your injuries will have on your life including your ability to work and enjoy the activities you love.  This ensures you receive full compensation not only for your past damages, but also for damages you are likely to experience in the future.  

Our Step-by-Step Process

We understand that the prospect of dealing with multiple insurance companies and the legal system can feel incredibly daunting! That’s why we have a streamlined approach to moving your bicycle personal injury case along quickly and efficiently to ensure your experience working with us is smooth and that you get the highest compensation possible. Here’s how we guide you every step of the way:


Property Damage Advocacy:

If your bicycle or other property has been damaged, we’ll work with you and your bike shop to make sure your bike value is properly documented, whether you have a high end custom bike (Stacie has a custom titanium Davidson that is her precious baby!), a vintage bike that you bought online for a song, or a well-loved stock bike. We organize your bike and gear estimates, help find online comps if necessary, submit your property damage claim to the insurance company and negotiate fair compensation for your bike and gear, including loss of use damages. 


Thorough Liability Investigation:

Our team will gather crucial liability evidence from the scene of the collision including requesting copies of the police report, ordering 911 calls, reviewing police body cam videos and in-car videos, gathering scene photos, contacting independent witnesses, obtaining witness declarations when possible, and retaining any time-sensitive expert witnesses who may need to do site visits like an accident reconstructionist. This meticulous initial investigation lays the foundation for a strong case and can shut down frivolous liability arguments by the at-fault driver’s insurance company.


Compelling Evidence Collection:

From the outset of your case, we start collecting evidence for your case.  We interview witnesses, send preservation of evidence letters to ensure no crucial evidence is destroyed by the other side, and order initial medical records so we can understand your diagnosis and the nature and extent of your injuries. Our goal is to shut down any fault allegations and present a comprehensive summary of your injuries and the impact they are having on your life so the at-fault driver’s insurance company will set an adequate reserve for your claim.  This is critical to ensuring the insurance company accurately values your case and increases the odds of settling your case.  


Vigorous Coverage Investigation:

Finding every available insurance policy takes work! Insurance companies frequently claim that their insured never purchased a certain coverage or claim that the at-fault driver was uninsured. We work closely with the insurance carriers to uncover every available insurance policy from both the at-fault party and your own auto insurance company and require proof if they assert coverages were waived. This ensures that every available coverage is extended to you so have the best chance at getting full compensate you for your losses. 


Effortless Medical Bill Coordination:

Our team will navigate the multiple layers of coverage for your medical bills. We start by sending personal injury protection (PIP) claim information to your medical providers so they know where to send your bills for payment. When the PIP coverage exhausts, we send all of the necessary information to your health insurance carrier and to your medical providers so any unpaid bills can be processed and paid by your health insurance carrier. This allows you to focus on your recovery rather than dealing with coordination of medical benefits.


Expert Case Evaluation:

When you are done treating and we know the full nature and extent of any permanent injuries  and any future damages, we will schedule a call to discuss settlement value for your case.  To do this, we draw on our extensive experience in both negotiating settlements for similar injuries and litigating similar cases. We will talk through all the pros and cons of your case including any issues with liability and damages and provide with you expert, informed advice on the fair settlement value of your claim. Our goal is to maximize the compensation for your injuries by having a deep understanding the nuances of your specific case.  


Documentation of Lost Wages:

We go beyond simple paperwork. Whether it involves obtaining declarations from HR professionals or collaborating with experts, we’ll gather the testimony and evidence we need to prove your lost wages and the impact your physical injuries will have on your past and future earning capacity. This ensures no aspect of your financial losses goes uncompensated.


Effective Subrogation Handling:

When your health insurance pays for collision-related medical bills, they typically have a contractual right to recover those amounts from any settlement or verdict you receive. We’ll work tirelessly to minimize or waive any wrongful claims your health insurance carrier may make against your settlement or award based on our extensive knowledge of both state and federal subrogation laws.  


Resolution of Unpaid Bills:

Prior to closing your case, we take care of all of the loose ends. We proactively contact every medical provider to ensure your medical bills are paid and your accounts have a zero balance. You can move forward knowing that the proceeds from your settlement or litigation award are rightfully yours.

Tenacious Litigation Advocacy

If your case requires litigation, we will obsessively prepare your case and zealously advocate on your behalf. We’ll present a compelling case in court, relentlessly seeking the justice you deserve.

Our Legal Fee Structure

We admire transparency and ensure our clients have a clear understanding of our fee structure. We want you to feel confident and informed throughout the legal process. Here’s a breakdown of our fee structure, designed to provide you with the quality representation you’re seeking.

How Our Two-Tier Fee Structure Works

For the majority of cases, we operate on a two-tier fee structure. The first tier applies when we are able to settle your case without the need for a jury trial or arbitration, such as through negotiations or mediation. In such instances, our fee is set at one-third (33.33%) of the final settlement amount, which is consistent with the industry standard.

Discovery and Mediation

In some cases, filing a case in Court may be necessary to achieve the best outcome for your case. If filing becomes necessary, our fees remain at one-third (33.33%).  This ensures that you will not be dissuaded from filing due to increased attorney’s fees, especially if the insurance company’s settlement offer is downright insulting. After we have exchanged evidence with the other side, we will attend a court-ordered mediation, where our fees remain at one-third, and getting a reasonable settlement offer is much more likely. 

Jury Trial or Arbitration Hearing

If we are unable to obtain a settlement at mediation and your case progresses to a jury trial or arbitration hearing, our fee structure adjusts accordingly. In these situations, where the stakes are higher, our fee increases to 40% of the final amount recovered. We believe it is important to align our fee with the increased complexity, risk and effort involved in advocating for your rights in these settings.

Preparing Your Case for Trial Promotes Settlement

While every case is unique, it is worth noting that a significant portion (approximately 90%) of cases are resolved before reaching the courtroom. Our team is committed to exploring all possible avenues for settlement, such as negotiation and mediation. By preparing your case for trial, we will maximize the possibility of obtaining a pre-trial settlement for your case.  

"Getting hurt is the painful part of this process. Working with your lawyer should never be painful."

Let's Have A Conversation,

Your Story Is Worth Telling

Every injured cyclist has a unique and extremely personal story about how their injuries are impacting their life. When you work with us, we will be taking this journey with you so we can effectively tell your story and advocate for you. We are with you in the depths of the “pain cave.” We will celebrate with you when you are finally discharged from physical therapy. We will ask you challenging questions along the way about how you’re doing physically and emotionally because we want to understand your story. Why? Because your story is worth telling and we are honored to tell it for you.    

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