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I believe that every client deserves to first feel heard because insurance companies and even those in their social circle want to minimize what has happened to them.

I started Seattle Bike Attorney to do just that. I step alongside clients offering support and telling their stories as an advocate- helping them find the right route to get better. I hit the gas and never let up because we aren’t here to settle for whatever the insurance company throws our way, but instead be fairly compensated based on a rock-solid case.

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Meet Stephanie

“I feel blessed to have found Stacie to help me navigate my case, as her expertise, insight, and advice throughout the process was indespensable.  It was her compassion and empathy, paired with her knowledge and experience that helped make this process much less stressful for me. I am adept at advocating for others, however I often struggle advocating for myself. Thus, in a situation like this where there was the added complication of being a legal neophyte, I was grateful that I had Stacie to guide me through the process in a manner where I felt heard and represented/understood. In addition, I appreciated how trustworthy she was, her integrity and character, and throughout every interaction, I found her to be authentic and genuine, all of which are characteristics that I deeply value.”

Meet Austin

“I was hit by a car on my way home from work. The drivers insurance company super lowballed me on my property claiming I was 75% at fault. As a bicyclist I knew that was wrong and felt like they were trying to take advantage of me as I was so young. When I reached out to Stacie she was one of the few ears who would stop, listen, hear and validate what I was saying. Stacie made me feel like I was in safe hands in a very scary (for me) legal battle. With her passion to get what is right she fought with relentless energy and determination to get me what I deserve. Not only that but she went above and beyond by talking to me as a human understanding and giving me thoughtful compassion even after my case is done to take care of me, by recommending ways to continue to get better and ways to set myself up for success. Not only is Stacie an AMAZING lawyer but she is a strong support you will need for your case. I truly cannot recommend her enough. She is there for YOU!!!!”

Meet Christopher

“Last summer on my way to work I was hit by a car. I fractured my left clavicle and fractured/dislocated my right arm. It was a bad time, anyone would agree. I found Stacie’s office on internet and gave her a call. She was immediately interested and focused on the details of the incident. She was honest about what she thought she could do in my case from the first phone call. Working with her was easy and a pleasure for my part. She only needed information, clarification, and some signatures. Stacie and her team did all the behind the scenes work while I recovered and into the next year. In the end, we reached a fair settlement and closed the case. I feel like Stacie far exceeded my expectations and I would recommend her services to anyone who found themselves in a similar situation. Great attorney, kind person, and amazing professional!”

Seattle & Spokane Bike Accident Clients

You Are Not Alone. Take Their Word For It.

Seattle Bike Accident Case Studies

Bike Accident Settlement:

Settlements play a crucial role in the legal process, offering an opportunity to resolve a case and obtain compensation without the uncertainties and potential stress of a trial. They provide injured cyclists, like our clients, with the means to regain control over their lives, recover their losses, and obtain the financial resources needed for ongoing medical care and rehabilitation.

In a recent case, we represented a determined cyclist who found themselves in a life-altering collision with a left-turning driver on a bustling arterial road in north Seattle. The impact of this incident resulted in our client sustaining multiple traumatic fractures in their arms, legs, and hands, necessitating a series of intricate surgeries to repair the damage. Despite enduring extensive treatment, our client faced ongoing disabilities and chronic pain, drastically impacting their quality of life.

When initial attempts to reach a settlement proved unsuccessful, we swiftly took action by filing a lawsuit against the responsible driver, conducting thorough depositions, presenting compelling motions to establish liability, and working diligently to challenge the opposing party’s defenses. In addition, we engaged in focus groups, sent multiple rounds of written discovery to the defense, and enlisted expert medical witnesses to testify about our client’s permanent disability and future medical care needs.

Our relentless dedication to securing a just outcome sent a resounding message to the at-fault driver’s insurance company—they understood that we were fully prepared to go to trial. As a result, they offered our client a confidential seven-figure settlement, which our client readily accepted. These efforts were a catalyst to victory, providing our client with the justice they deserved without the need to step foot inside a courtroom.

Cyclist Accident Jury Trial:

In a compelling case that exemplifies the power of a jury trial, we represented a courageous cyclist who was struck by a right-turning driver while crossing in a designated crosswalk. The impact was forceful, propelling our client onto the hood of the vehicle, where their head and shoulder forcefully collided with the hood and windshield. The severity of the collision resulted in a crushed helmet and significant injuries to their shoulder and ankle.

Despite the clear evidence of the driver’s negligence, the insurance company representing the at-fault driver denied liability, claiming that our client had recklessly collided with the stopped vehicle. With no eyewitnesses to support our client’s account, the insurance company adamantly refused to engage in meaningful negotiations, even in the face of our client’s extensive injuries, which included a traumatic brain injury and orthopedic damage necessitating multiple surgeries.

Undeterred by the challenges ahead and determined to bring justice, we faced off against one of Seattle’s prominent insurance defense firms in a hard-fought battle. The pre-trial settlement offers were not only minimal but also insulting, demonstrating a blatant disregard for the true extent of our client’s suffering.

During the intense two-week jury trial that followed, we presented compelling expert medical testimony and called upon friends and family members to testify about the profound impact our client’s injuries had on their life. Their testimonies served as a powerful testament to the physical, emotional, and financial toll our client endured due to the driver’s inattentiveness.

In the end, the jury rendered a remarkable multi-six-figure verdict in favor of our client—a decision that brought justice to our client and held the negligent driver accountable. This resounding victory stands as a testament to the efficacy of a jury trial in fighting for the compensation and accountability that our clients deserve.

Seattle & Spokane Cyclist Arbitration:

In certain cases where the available insurance coverage is limited and the case value falls below $100,000, arbitration serves as a cost-effective alternative to a jury trial. It offers the opportunity to have your case decided by a discerning human rather than solely relying on an insurance company’s decision-making process or algorithm.

We’ll explain the value of arbitration with a real-life case we handled involving a married couple who were biking together in a paceline. Tragically, a passing driver carelessly clipped the front rider with their side mirror, resulting in a violent collision that threw the cyclist forcefully onto the pavement right in front of their spouse. Shockingly, the at-fault driver did not stop, prompting the cyclist’s spouse to give chase.

Following an inadequate settlement offer from the at-fault driver’s insurance company, we took decisive action by filing a lawsuit and initiating arbitration proceedings. As the injured cyclist’s spouse had witnessed the horrifying incident firsthand, we included a claim for negligent infliction of emotional distress to address the emotional trauma they endured, fearing the worst for their beloved partner (thankfully, she survived the collision).

During the arbitration process, we skillfully presented our case and secured the maximum available compensation of $100,000 for the injured cyclist. Our relentless advocacy yielded a favorable damages award for the emotional distress experienced by the following cyclist who witnessed the harrowing event.

This successful outcome exemplifies the power of arbitration and highlights the pivotal role our legal expertise plays in maximizing the compensation you deserve. By opting for arbitration, you gain the advantage of a human decision-maker who can assess the unique circumstances of your case, ensuring a fair and just resolution.

Navigating Together:

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Where insurance companies or overlooked claims leave you feeling like the underdog– we help you rise up, claim what is rightfully yours, and receive concrete justice for being wronged. 

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