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Our clients come to us when they are broken, in pain, scared about the mountain of medical bills and unsure of what their future will hold. Their beloved bike is broken, their injuries are preventing them from bike commuting, they can’t train and they wonder how long they will be out of the saddle.

With these concerns in mind, Stacie takes tremendous pride in lifting these weights off your shoulders by answering all of your questions and managing all of the legal aspects of your case so you can focus on seeing your doctors and therapists and getting back on your bike as quickly as possible.  

As a life-long avid cyclist, Stacie exhibits the unique traits and characteristics of an athlete including stamina, endurance, and discipline, all of which give her an edge to win your case. Her passion for training gives her a unique understanding of the importance of physical health and the tremendous challenges injured athletes face during their recovery.

She will never leave a penny on the table because she just doesn’t give up. Sports, and cycling in particular, require facing pain and challenges head-on. Training through pain fosters the grit, self-discipline, self-confidence and motivation that are critical to success in and out of the saddle. These traits are also the reason Stacie has had so much success in the courtroom where multi-week jury trials and 18-hour work days wear down non-athletes. Trials are literally wars of attrition and Stacie never stops fighting.

So while Stacie relentlessly battles for you and your future, you can focus on climbing the grueling hill of recovery that you never asked to climb. 

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Seattle Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Meet Stacie, A Bike Injury Lawyer Who Gets It

With a deep-rooted drive to help fellow cyclists, Stacie has emerged as a formidable force in the field of bicycle accident law. Armed with a law degree with honors from Seattle University School of Law, her journey to representing injured cyclists was sparked by her love of riding and her involvement in the Seattle cycling community. As cyclists, we share the common core experience of riding, whether it be for transportation, fitness, fun or utility purposes. We believe that bicycling is for everyone regardless of age, gender, race or ability. We ride because it’s a healthy, environmentally-friendly activity that reduces pollution. And we believe that safety is a right and that we deserve space on the road!! These are the reasons Stacie is such a fierce and dedicated advocate for her bike accident clients and why her clients love working with her.      

Stacie’s path to becoming the leading advocate for injured cyclists in Washington was also influenced by her work with prestigious legal institutions during law school including the King County judiciary, the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and the US Attorney’s Office in Seattle. These formative experiences gave her a tremendous respect for the courtroom and confirmed that our justice system truly does work.  

My Story

The Car-Bike Collision that Ignited a Passion

Stacie knows what it’s like to get hit while riding. It was an unfortunate incident in 2008 that forever altered the course of Stacie’s  life and propelled her on a mission to fight for injured cyclists. While biking home from work one fateful evening, she became a victim of a negligent, hit-and-run driver. The force of the impact sent her soaring over the top of the car and crashing to the pavement. 

This personal encounter with the devastating consequences of reckless driving left indelible marks on her mind and body, fueling her determination to stand up for cyclists who have suffered at the hands of inattentive drivers. It simply had to change. 

Stacie knows the daily struggles of recovery intimately and how difficult it can be to perform simple daily tasks like buttoning your shirt, carrying laundry, walking up stairs and getting in and out of bed when your body is broken. Getting hit while riding can also cause serious emotional trauma. We, as cyclists, are constantly having our space on the road challenged by drivers in much larger vehicles. Sometimes it’s just a scary or annoying close call. Other times, it leads to an ambulance ride to the emergency room. After getting hit, the feeling of vulnerability while riding can be significantly amplified when you get back in the saddle. 

Stacie is committed to ensuring that you receive compensation not just for your physical injuries, but also for your emotional injuries. While broken bones can completely heal over time, the emotional fallout from getting hit by a car can linger for years and cause significant damage to your enjoyment of life. If you’ve been there, you know.    

As a 30-year cyclist and athlete, Stacie has experienced broken bones, separated shoulders, sprained ankles, hematomas, concussions and multiple orthopedic surgeries. She has plates and screws in her body, damaged tissue, too many scars to count, and has needed more physical therapy than she would like to admit. Stacie knows how incredibly draining pain can be, how frustrating simple daily tasks can be while on crutches or while wearing a sling, and how chronic injuries can continue to degenerate with age. 

Stacie also knows how profoundly resilient and amazing our bodies are at healing! Stacie will always encourage you to keep fighting, to never give up, and to work hard at getting your life back because having a positive attitude can help speed up recovery time and combat the depression and inevitable treatment fatigue that follow a serious, traumatic injury.

Stacie’s personal experience with physical injuries is what fuels her fierce dedication to fight tooth and nail to ensure her clients receive maximum compensation for their injuries and to ensure that they feel supported and encouraged during their recovery.  

Community Roots

Born and raised in Washington state, my connection to my community runs deep. As a wife, mother of two, and proud woman-owned business, I embody strength and resilience in and out of the saddle. As a lifelong athlete, my passion for sports and adventure has always been a guiding light in my life and helps me understand why getting back on your bike is so important to you. This inspiration shines through in everything I do– and I can’t wait to share it with you. 

Guiding Principles

Meet My Washington Paralegal

Sarah Beth Wood

Sarah Beth brings a passion for helping people to her role as a paralegal at our firm. With a unique professional background in television and commercial production, Sarah Beth’s transition into the legal field was driven by her desire to make a meaningful impact and assist those in need.

During her twelve years in the production industry, Sarah Beth traveled across the United States, working on various shows that took her from gator-filled rivers in Northern Florida to the pristine peaks of southeast Alaska. Through her experiences, she developed a keen eye for detail and the ability to see each case as its own production, with different stages and crucial elements.

Recognizing her interest in law, Sarah Beth pursued a career change and enrolled in the ABA-approved Paralegal Plus program at Highland College and graduated with a 4.0 GPA.  She quickly found her place alongside our team.  Sarah Beth’s dedication and willingness to learn have allowed her to rapidly grow as a paralegal.

With her diverse background, passion for justice and dedication to our clients, Sarah Beth is an invaluable asset to our team.  

Beyond the Briefs

Outside of your case, this is us, being us. 


  • 30+ years of road and mountain bike riding, bike commuting, working in bike shops, working as a bike messenger in downtown Seattle, riding in group rides, lobbying for cyclist’s rights, and just being a die-hard cyclist 
  • A lifelong athlete including racing road and mountain bikes and competing in gymnastics and cheerleading 
  • Former member of the Division 1 Husky Women’s Gymnastics Team at the University of Washington
  • Named an NCAA Academic All-American  
  • Enjoys mountain and road biking, skiing, rafting, kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, camping and spending time with family 

Sarah Beth:

  • Former competitive swimmer
  • Currently an open-water swimmer
  • Active participant in the PNW cyclocross community
  • Former Production Assistant on Treehouse Masters and Ice Road Truckers
  • Attempted first marathon swim (12.4 miles/20 km) around Mercer Island in 2023

5.0 rating from 50+ clients

Ask Stacie:


I have a 99% successful case win rate.


I’ve been a bike lawyer 16 years and counting… 

As a bicycle accident attorney, I understand that not every client has the financial ability to pay a lawyer for hourly work on their case. That’s why we work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you are not charged any upfront fees or costs. Instead, attorney fees are based on a percentage of the compensation we recover for you. If we don’t win your case and secure a settlement or verdict, you won’t owe us any fees for the time we spent working on your case. This fee structure allows us to provide high-quality legal representation to our clients while ensuring that every injured cyclist has access to justice regardless of their financial means.  We are committed to ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve for your bicycle accident case. Please see our Process Page for more detailed info.

Generally, we seek some or all of the following evidence or documentation: 

  • Incident documentation: Gathering police reports, accident scene photographs, and witness statements.
  • Medical records: Providing evidence of injuries sustained and medical treatment received.
  • Insurance information: Gathering details of the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage and exploring any potential additional insurance policies that may apply.
  • Documentation of damages: Collect records of property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, and other relevant financial losses.
  • Expert opinions: Consult with accident reconstruction experts, medical experts, economists, vocational rehabilitation experts or other specialists who can provide testimony supporting your case.
  • Communication records: Keeping records of all communications with insurance companies, including correspondence, emails, and phone call logs in case your insurance company is acting in bad faith.

We take pride in providing excellent communication with our clients. Some clients prefer to exchange email updates, while others prefer phone calls or texting.  We offer all of these communications options to make sure we can keep you updated on the progress of your case and you can keep us updated on your treatment and recovery.  We tailor our communication style to your requests so contact is quick and easy for you.     

Absolutely. Our goal is to give you a space to freely tell your story, allow you to be heard, and formulate the best plan of action possible. All consultations are complimentary.

Stacie knows our rights as cyclists because she literally ‘wrote the book’ on Washington bike laws. Her cycling expertise meant she was selected to author the bike law chapter for the Washington State Association for Justice’s Motor Vehicle Litigation Deskbook. As part of this process, she researched and compiled a comprehensive and authoritative summary of Washington bike laws including the roadway right-of-way rules, helmet requirements by jurisdiction, bike lighting and brake rules, and common collision scenarios including left hook, right hook, dooring, passing to close, and crosswalk collisions. Her credibility as Washington’s premier bike law expert has also prompted numerous invitations to speak to cycling groups and fellow attorneys at legal conferences. Speaking on Washington bike laws allows her to share her love of cycling while educating and empowering her fellow cyclists about their rights on the road. 

While Stacie’s success as a bike attorney is unparalleled, the major benefit of her expertise is being able to quickly and accurately respond to questions and concerns about the facts of a case and to strike down frivolous defenses and arguments made by the insurance companies that wrongfully seek to blame our cycling clients.  Stacie knows your rights as a cyclist and wields them as both sword and shield. 

Yes, we can help if the insurance company tries to blame you for the collision. If your claim is denied, it is important to seek legal representation as quickly as possible to ensure that liability evidence is preserved and witness accounts are documented while still fresh. During our initial consultation, we will discuss the specific facts of your case, the applicable rules of the road and the likelihood of success if your case requires litigation so you can decide if you want to pursue your case or not. We can also discuss what to do if the collision was unfortunately your fault.  

Yes, our firm is dedicated to helping clients in all types of situations, including cases involving uninsured or underinsured drivers. In Washington state, it is a legal requirement for drivers to carry auto insurance coverage. However, the reality is that the worst drivers on the road are the drivers who have no insurance at all because they can’t afford the high-risk premiums or only have the $25,000 Washington minimum liability insurance..


If you have been bit by an uninsured or underinsured driver while riding your bike, we will investigate all potential insurance coverages including uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage on your own auto insurance policy that may provide additional compensation in situations where the at-fault driver lacks enough insurance to fully compensate you for your injuries and damages.


To file a bicycle accident lawsuit in Washington, it’s important to follow the legal process. We will guide you through the necessary steps, which typically include investigation, gathering evidence, assessing liability, and determining damages before a lawsuit is ever filed with the Court. We will attempt to obtain a pre-litigation settlement for you, but if a settlement cannot be reached because the insurance company has undervalued your claim or denied liability, we will prepare all of the required legal documents for filing and represent you in court before a judge or jury. Our ability to litigate your bicycle accident case is the strongest leverage we have to ensure that the responsible party is held accountable and that your damages are fairly evaluated by humans rather than an insurance company algorithm. 


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Not sure what to do next? Have a ton of questions? Worried about talking to the insurance adjuster who keeps calling you? We offer a complimentary consultation so you can get the answers you need and can help you figure out if you need a lawyer or not. No stress.  No pressure. Just the answers you need. And if you decide to move forward with representation, we can discuss next steps, too.      

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